Enterprise Package

Effectively manage the inventory items of client accounts through image-based inventory, client access, and logistics tracking.

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The Inventorypro Enterprise package was created to provide an efficient way to track inventory items in storage and in transit, while providing client access to view and reserve their own items. This package creates the ability to seamlessly manage the inventory of hundreds of client accounts while giving clients' the peace of mind that their items are where they are needed to be, when they are needed to be them.

Delivery & Return Confirmation

Team Webinar Training

Custom Reporting

Barcoded Property

Client Access

Logistics Tracking

Realtime Reservations

Email Notifications

ISO 27001 Security

Organize by Team

with clients in mind.

We know you’re busy, so we created a turn-key inventory management software solution that simplifies your experience. Inventorypro allows client access so that your customers can collaborate with your team to guarantee clear communication and expectations.

Inventorypro Asset Management

Reservations and Logistics. Simplified.

Inventorypro's reservation and logistics features allow the user to create a picklist of items, reserve them for a specific date, and coordinate the outbound and return shipment.

As the reservation status progresses the user and the client will receive updates of the current reservation status, allowing all stakeholders to be confident in the location and condition of all their items.

Functional Accessibility

We ensure functional accessibility for your entire team, including selection of users, designated administrators, and organization by business unit. Calendar integration allows for real-time reservations and an easy view of past and upcoming reservations.

Constant Awareness

Inventorypro allows you to maintain constant awareness of your items through timely alerts when inventory has shipped, arrived, and returned. Custom reporting presents data on item usage, condition, and amount.

Rental Property

Interested in rental property? Inventorypro’s built in rental feature allows the enterprise account to mark items as rental so that the client accounts can rent them when needed!


Inventorypro has been an incredibly useful platform for us. It has enabled us to have a holistic view of our event property, where it is, where it is going, where it has been, and it's condition. The reporting feature has allowed us to see the assets that we no longer use and can recycle, therefore cutting costs on additional storage space. The best part is that our Inventorypro account team has listened to our feedback and continues to customize and improve our inventory experience.

- Sr. Trade Show Planner

Fortune 1000 Healthcare Company

It's taken a lot of the leg work off of [me]...and has freed up a lot of time for us to focus on our most impactful events. I really like how it's organized. We always know where our assets are going at what time, and we can track those. In the past, we've been responsible for shipping out [smaller exhibits] on our own. I never realized how much time we were taking to ship all of those materials until we started using Inventorypro and having [it] do the leg work for us.

- Sr. Events & Marketing Operations Manager

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